American Gothic Horror

Madame X

I’m so disappointed I couldn’t find a banana costume for Hannah (Hannah Banana, you know).  I couldn’t even find a pet one.  An orange onesie with a black skirt will have to do.  Oh, well, there’s always next year.

I, however, am going to be a gothic witch.  My first choice was a gothic nun, but habits are hard to find.  Last year, I was a Catholic school girl.  You can see where I’m progressing with this, but I’ll hold off on being the Pope.

Art house


Golden Stars and Silver Linings

“Golden Stars and Silver Linings” is the title of my children’s nursery rhyme anthology.  The idea of such a project came when I wrote “Hannah Banana of Florabama” for my infant daughter, who sparked the poetess in me.

Funny facey

I am trying to get my novel, “Because of Mindy Wiley” (a Southern Gothic horror where V.C. Andrews meets Mormonism meets Peyton Place, if you can fathom that), published, along with “A Splash of Blue” (a romance I wrote specifically for Harlequin).  “Splash” is about a young woman who runs away from her domineering mother to become a mermaid at Soda Springs (based on the real life Weeki Wachee Springs: