Making the Most of Christmas Without Really Spending


I have decided to start a Christmas Club account, starting next year.┬á Twelve dollars a week (I seem to love the number twelve–maybe that has something to do with the fact that my favorite Christmas song growing up was “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, or the fact that it is a symmetrical number, appealing to the OCD in me) will go into a tin or jar of some sort (unbeknownst to my husband–I want it to be a surprise), so at the end of the year, I’ll have near six hundred dollars, which is the most anyone needs to spend on Christmas anyway, IMHO.

I will still buy things here and there I see on sale for a good price and still put the money away, for just because I save that much doesn’t mean I have to spend that much.

As we don’t have hardly any disposable income this year, it’ll help shift the focus of the holiday to experiences rather than things.

Next year, my focus on the gift-giving part of Christmas will be local (as much as possible)–gift cards to local restaurants, handmade items, etc.

Sometimes circumstances have to change for us to be changed.