On Writing

Being a part of a local writer’s group has enriched my writing experience in so many ways.  Through it, I’ve met like-minded people I can share my work with, made new friends, and I’m always super motivated after the meeting, which carries all the way through till the next meeting.

I’ve taken a hiatus somewhat, from my novel writing, and am concentrating on completing shorter pieces.  Reading a novel is a grand investment of one’s time.

Writing smaller things, I am able to submit more work, enter more contests, thus increasing my chances of being published and maybe even making a little money at it.

I have decided, after querying over fifty agents, that self-publishing is probably going to be the way to go with my first novel.  I just want to get this one book out there and be done with it.  I love the writing part of the business, but the introvert in me hates the marketing part.  I’m a writer, not a salesgirl.

I had considered publishing it under the pseudonym of Katherine Mayfield (a character from Beverly Lewis’s series, “The Heritage of Lancaster County”, who leaves the Amish faith to become a Mennonite), but it just wouldn’t be the same with another name on the cover.



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