Holiday Hangover

To the people who think it’s cool to hate the holidays, it’s not.  I don’t even hate the commercialism (who doesn’t love a fancy department store all donned in holiday décor?),  just the gladiator-like materialism.  I have never shopped on Black Friday, and never will (except online), as there is nothing in this world I want badly enough to need full body armor.  The kind of items people shop on Bloody Friday for are those they buy for themselves anyway.  I’ll stick to smaller and more thoughtful, predominately handmade/homemade gifts.

My brother, who is as cynical as Greg Gutfeld (and just as unsentimental), was visibly touched when I gave him a framed picture of him and his girlfriend (that I’d lifted off his Facebook profile) and I’d had printed at Walgreens.  With the exception of my husband (who got three pairs of Levi jeans), everyone else got homemade or more personalized gifts.

My mom and dad got framed family pictures of my little family; my grandmother also, on a smaller scale, and, I must admit, a regift of a wedding gift my husband and I received–a box of stationery in a country design.  I don’t consider a regift a bad gift as long as it’s new and it’s something you believe the other person would use or enjoy.  Even the bag was a bag I had received at my husband’s family’s Dirty Santa.  It was the only one I had that was big enough.

My friends all received homemade goodies (a tin of handmade truffles or a Cherry Coca Cola cake–the best cake I ever made (, only I baked it in a Bundt and used this ganache recipe (, substituting the rum for cherry brandy I had on hand, garnishing it with crushed almonds.  I also gave away some personal care products I had couponed.

I also sent a couple of books directly to my cousin in Missouri from (one cent plus $3.99 shipping).

I now wish I had pictures to add, because I read somewhere that photos and video add interest to a blog, but I’ll get to that later.  I guess to be a successful blogger, one not only needs to be a writer, but a photographer as well.

One thing at a time.


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