Flowers in the Attic: A Young Girl’s Inspiration

I don’t picture myself blogging too many movie reviews, but since I grew up with Flowers in the Attic (the book and the movie), I just felt compelled to put in my few cents about the most recent celluloid adaptation, which was much truer to the book but lacked all the creepiness of its lackluster predecessor.

Lifetime’s production had a cheap look to it, and though the children were hidden away in the attic for three years, it looked and felt more like three months. I wouldn’t recommend watching it for any reason other than curiosity.

V.C. Andrews was one of the greatest inspirations for my writing. My book, Because of Mindy Wiley, is V.C. Andrews meets Mormonism meets Peyton Place. I’d written a sequel to My Sweet Audrina many years ago as a fan fiction piece. I don’t know what ever happened to it; many of my early writings have been lost, though I am considering redoing the project, which I would simply post on my blog as fan fiction, but why do that when I can post original content?

I know my Audrina Revisited would be better than the novels Andrew Neiderman has written under V.C.’s name. The Logan series was the last that still felt like it had been written by Ms. Andrews. Except for the prequel, however, they had a rushed feel to them.

My advice: Don’t waste your time after the Logan series.


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