Descriptive showing (and telling)

Tomorrow is Hannah’s six-month mark, and we’re celebrating with fresh mashed avocado (I will be making all my own baby food).  Somehow, making her whole day a learning experience by weaving it into the fabric of life seems less stressful than trying to carve out a particular time to read or sing to her (which I will still do when I can work it in).  Even though she doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to me, who knows what she’s absorbing?  I look forward to being more interactive with her.

This whole subject has become a Facebook conversation.  My one friend says, “…You rub her arm, hand, back of a hand and say “the pretty blue cloth is so soft.”  “Mommy is going to make you some dinner.  I am going to chop up some pretty green grapes, mash a yellow banana.”  Explain, use descriptive words.  She is absorbing every little thing around her right now.  Live a narrative life.  And she will learn to be a narrative person.  Lay on the floor with her and tell her how you see her moving her right arm, left leg and how she is laying on her tummy and her neck is so strong.  Touch the parts you are saying…”  Another person on my friend list is saying, “Let her absorb her own world, don’t interrupt it with constant chatter. She has a brain that is unique to her observations. Just be there and love her. kids love the outdoors, toys, bubble baths, having fun.”

As for me, I will just do my best to strike the right balance between the two.  I am used to just being natural (which is why I didn’t last long at Walgreen’s after they started having us go by a script when it came to answering the telephone or checking people out).  I feel like I am my wittiest and shine the most when I am just being myself.  For the sake of my daughter’s development, I am going to step out of my comfort zone a bit.  Whatever my approach, I will NEVER be like the mom in this commercial:

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