After Hours


Write On! Pensacola

Submission for The Sixth Annual Life Lessons Essay Contest Essay

Full-time jobs.  They were like unicorns and Black Republicans.  I turn on the radio and then turn it off.  Michael Savage is on a tirade, as usual.

The traffic is light—one benefit of driving to work at ten o’clock at night.  

My lunch, in a plastic grocery bag from Publix, is in the passenger seat, for I won’t be going home to eat, and nothing is open, except Waffle House and Steak n’ Shake. 


The word Walgreens, all lit up, is a beacon to all those who don’t want to shop at Wal-Mart. 

I’m always unnerved when starting a new job, and the first night after my week of training under Bill (who I referred to as the randy candyman, because of his obsession with suggestive selling, and his suggestive comments), I went to the break room and upchucked…

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