A “nice” rejection letter

My rejection letter from “The Kid’s Ark” for my story, “Little Addie Brown Eyes”:


Dear Sarah,.

Hello! Thank you so much for your submission to the Kids’ Ark’s theme “One of a Kind.” Your story was great and quite creative. Unfortunately, we simply didn’t have enough space to use it. Thank you again for submitting it and we hope to see more from you for future themes.
Blessings over you and your work for His Kingdom!
Joy Mygrants
Story Editor
The Kids’ Ark
Theme Description: One of a Kind
The Bible says in Isaiah 49: 1 “Before I was born the Lord called me; from my birth he has made mention of my name”. Each zebra has a set of stripes that is an individual as a set of fingerprints. Stripes on the front of all zebra’s form a triangle pattern, but no two zebra’s are alike. Scientist think that zebra’s may even be able to identify each other by their stripes.
We are looking for stories that will tell how the Lord made each of us unique. Also, that God does not make mistakes. The Lord has an assignment for every person that is born. We need to pray, study the Bible and ask Jesus what we are to do for him while on this earth.

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