If your character’s life was the title of a book


Me–Between Two Worlds:  My Life as a Former Mormon in the Buckle of the Bible Belt

My 8-month-old daughter–Drool and Raspberries

My husband–Spaghetti and Swedish Meatballs (my husband is Swedish and Italian; Italian Sausage and Swedish Meatballs was my original title, but one might get the wrong idea)

My mom–Split:  The Personalities of Babs

My dad–How to Jackleg Anything:  Memoir of an Unhandyman

My brother–Starving Artisan:  A Musical Life Stuck in a Horror Flick

My maternal grandmother, Bernadean–Nana Dearest (if you knew my grandmother, you’d understand)

My maternal grandfather–In His Shadow:  My Existence as Billy Graham’s Doppleganger

My paternal grandfather–The Man with the Strawberry Nose (I’m guessing rosacea)

My paternal grandmother–Dancing with the Man with the Strawberry Nose (my grandmother always said she’d rather dance than eat)

My friend, A.M.–Uncommonly Cored (as she is a teacher against Common Core)

My friend, Lori–Six Kids and the Beard:  Mormon Life in the Redneck Riviera

My friend, Mandy–The Cavegirl Diaries (as she is a Paleo/primal eater)

*What is a title that would apply to you, or someone you know?


One thought on “If your character’s life was the title of a book

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