Personalizing the Home

The older I’ve gotten, the more I appreciate handmade items (however, I still love a great sale at Kohl’s or Target).


When I was in my twenties, whatever caught my eye (as far as wall filler) was all that mattered.  Now, in my early thirties, I want art on my wall that means something.

Barbie cards were my thing when I was a kid; in my early twenties, it was candles, and now I’m all about personal photographs (or artsy pictures I’ve taken), and art I’ve created (not necessarily drawn or painted) myself.  If I could only thread a needle, nothing could stop me.

My current project (besides filling all the picture frames I’ve collected over the years) is a wall mosaic of all the seashells I collected on trips to the beach with my husband.  I’m also working on “seashelling” some switchplates, as I couldn’t find anything at Lowe’s or Home Depot I liked.

When I saw a big fork and spoon in Target, it reminded me of an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” (the only sitcom I’ve liked filmed in this millennium), in which Marie Barone tells the story of her big fork and spoon (except hers are wooden), and Debra refers to as “Robert’s baby utensils”.

BIG fork and spoon

I’ll admit, onscreen popular culture has had an influence on my decorating tastes.  I want at least one brick (or faux brick) wall in our living room someday, because I loved that feature in Lucy Ricardo’s first apartment.  We also have an outdoor dining table that is similar to the one on “Big Love”.

All the rooms in our house have a theme, as I couldn’t choose just one:  our kitchen is retro, our living room is a juxtaposition of vintage and art deco, my daughter’s nursery and our master bedroom is shabby chic, and our bathroom is beachy.  However, every one of them reflects me, in all my many forms.


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