An Interesting Rejection Letter

Dear Contributor,

We received over 150 submissions to Volume 3: Alien and I’m sorry to say that yours was not successful. Believe me, I know how you feel—I submitted my own work under an assumed name and even I didn’t get into this volume. And I run the thing! Two other associate editors also submitted but didn’t make the cut.

This doesn’t mean we’re bad writers, It just means this issue wasn’t the right place for our work. I hope you’ll submit again ( I know I will—I’ll crack this bastard yet!)

-T.J. Robinson


So, my story was, “The Accidental Witch:  A Shaggy God Story”, set in the Land of Oz (one of three short stories/poems I’ve set there).  “Accidental” is what I’d call a novelty story that just hasn’t found the right home yet.  I wrote the story specifically for this assignment, so I have The Suburban Review to thank for inspiring me to come up with something original (even if it was set in someone else’s imaginary setting), and something different than I usually write.


4 thoughts on “An Interesting Rejection Letter

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  2. Sarah, I shared this “rejection letter” post on my blog with my own rejection story too.
    You helped inspire me. Then the surprising part was that I realized as I was sharing my rejection, it was for the piece that was only just accepted two weeks ago by a publisher! So let that inspire you to keep trying and keep sending your work out there! You’ll find your “home” just like Dorothy did! 🙂

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