Submission for Fifth Month Scholarship

A World Without 5

Five is an important number, in more ways than one (make that 5).
If 5 didn’t exist, then high fives would cease to exist,
& morale would take a high dive.

We would either have too many fingers or too few toes,
& starfish would be an X without an O.

We wouldn’t have the 5 golden rings like in “The Twelve Days of Christmas”—
the one with the pear & the bird in the tree—
& the whole refrain would sound quite the same.

We’d be missing some nickels at 5 cents,
& the Five-&-Dime wouldn’t have made sense.

There would be Four Ws, but probably no H,
& so no one would know how to do anything
or how the hell anything happened to do.

None of us would have a clue.
The 5-second rule would cease to exist,
for 4 wouldn’t be long enough,
& 6 would be enough too long.

Everything would have to be tossed,
& the world would be turned inside-out,
& right-side wrong.

That said, no longer would the letter S be seen as a 5—
they would no longer have to co-exist,
& it is only in this way that the number 5 would not be missed.

One thought on “Submission for Fifth Month Scholarship

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