…a time for everything…
(Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8)

Spring is the time of the new flower,
springing into bloom;
it is the long-awaited rebirth,
foretold in seasons past.
It is a time of singing,
the voice of the turtledove.
It is a time of resurrection;
it is the season of love.

Summer is the time of self-actualization,
a time of revelation—
of parables on the dunes,
and baptisms in the sea.
It is the time for the branch of the fig tree
to become tender, to put out its leaves—
a time of sweet fruit.
Earth is in the summer, the prime, of her life.

Autumn is the time to prepare for the coming harvest—
a time to build up our stores.
It is a time of change—
a harbinger of the coming sacrifice.
It is a time of full maturity,
yet also a time of decline.
That is why it’s called fall,
for Earth is in the Autumn of her life.

Winter is the time of hope for the coming salvation,
of the passing away, the fulfilling of old things
to bring about the new—higher and everlasting elation.
Earth is in the final stages of her life year,
and is put to death,
a crown of thorns placed on her head,
only to reawaken in spring,
as if from a long winter’s sleep instead.

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