I Am; I Am Not

I am a square
yet well-rounded.

I am white
but love black humor.

I am even-tempered
but oddly creative.

My name means “Princess,”
yet I live the life of a pauper.

I am 33
but feel 22.

I am always under pressure,
but a diamond I am not.

I am a poetess
who speaks plainly.

I am an open book
who casts not her pearls before swine.

I am a scholar
but not an intellectual.

I believe in protecting the innocent
& punishing the guilty.

I do not paint by the numbers
but live by the letter.

I was born in the ’80s
but am sometimes nostalgic for the ’50s.

I am a Virgo,
but my memory escapes me.

I am Sunday’s child
but am not always good & blithe.

I have the heart of a Christian
but the mind of a skeptic.

I am a woman,
yet I worship the Savior, who came to us a Man.

I was LDS
but still cross my arms when I say grace.

I have a child,
but the child I was still lives within me.

I have a husband,
but he is not my master.

I am who I am
but who I am not,
is equally me.

One thought on “I Am; I Am Not

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