Life’s Awkward Moments

What's on your mind, original Facebook picture

That moment you’re volunteering in the hospital pharmacy, hold up a suppository, and ask, “How can anyone swallow these?”

That moment you ask if panhandling is a regional thing.

That moment you ask if freeballing is a sport in the Olympic games.

That moment you’re in a Pentecostal church for the first time, and someone starts shaking (with the Holy Spirit), so you try to get the person next to you to call a doctor.

That moment the interviewer (at a place called “Hogi Yogi”) tells you he wants “people who are hungry,” and you tell him, “Well, I did just have breakfast.”

That moment you’re at the deli and the clerk asks what kind of fried chicken you want. You proceed to tell him all-white-meat because you don’t like dark, only to realize too late that a black person is standing next to you.

That moment you run into someone you unfriended on Facebook.

That moment you run into someone who unfriended you on Facebook.

That moment a guy asks if you have a Slim Jim (as he just locked his keys in his car), and you tell him they don’t taste very good (because you thought he needed a snack while he waited for the locksmith).

That moment you share an article called “The Benefits of Bralessness” on Facebook, only to realize it might be too revealing.

That moment you call a “sir” a “ma’am” (or vice versa).

That moment someone asks when you’re due (and you’re not expecting).

That moment you learned bunnies don’t lay eggs (because you confused the real bunny with the Easter bunny).

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