I am alert.
French roast,
brewed to perfection—
is my ultra-sensory experience.
A splash of cream,
a dash of sugar,
frozen coffee cubes,
topped with a mound of hazelnut whipped cream . . .
like an island floating atop a mocha sea.
The ice in the cup shift like little bergs.
The first sip is always the best,
the last, the saddest—
like the beach after the rain on a gray day.

Coffee is like Candyland for grown-ups,
a Fantasia for java fanatics,
a jubilee for joe aficionados.
Caffeine and chocolate,
with a spoonful of sweetness,
be it sugar or agave—
is my drug of choice.
Composed by alchemists called baristas,
this bewitching brew heightens our senses,
contributing to that euphoric state
known as “wakey-wakey.”

A warm brownie,
dense and moist,
is the manna that completes
my morning sacrament—
good to the last drop.
My day begins.
I am alert.

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