My Trivial (and not so trivial) Pursuits of Summer


Though I was disappointed that summer classes weren’t available in my degree program, it’s still been a pretty great summer.  I still accomplished a lot, and used some of my time somewhat wisely.  The list below pretty much sums up the season for me (so far):

  1. Binge watched the entire series of “Medium” on Netflix (I’d missed the last season, so I started with it, and worked my way back).  It’s where I got the idea of including a little note in my child’s lunch (as soon as she’s old enough to read them).
  2. Participated in the Writer’s Digest “Poem-a-Day” challenge for the month of April.
  3. Made my first live television appearance on “The Daily Brew” with my friend, Mandy, who also participated in the challenge.
  4. Applied to 250+ scholarships, winning one (so far).
  5. Learned all the verses to “London Bridge is Falling Down” and created my own sign language to go with it; introduced my daughter to sign language and have managed to remember 50+ signs, which is a real accomplishment for me.
  6. Writing my third Harlequin novel (the first two haven’t been picked up yet) for the “So You Think You Can Write” contest.
  7. Have gained several more endorsements on LinkedIn and reached All-Star status.  (We’ll see if that helps in my career search post graduation.)
  8. Revitalized my Twitter account.  (Twitter for a writer is important for gaining contacts.  However, there is a ton of spam on Twitter, so never feel like you have to follow someone back just because they followed you.)
  9. Mastered mouse-moving dexterity with my left hand (no more carpal tunnel in my dominant hand).
  10. Given up all regular soda; completely switched to Mexican Coca-Cola (made with real sugar rather than HFCS).  Right now, it’s one a day; I hope to have it down to one every other day by the end of summer.  That said, I am drinking at least a half gallon of water a day.  I’ve had to work my way up to that.
  11. Became a volunteer article writer for the Gulf Coast Kid’s House.
  12. Enrolled in a creative writing course at the local college.  I could only get into one class this semester (everything was either full, required a pre-req, or it wasn’t offered during the fall term).  I used this delay as an opportunity to take a class that excites me.
  13. Finally accepted that I will never like bananas (unless they’re in a dessert).  Same goes for sweet potatoes, avocados, and eggs.
  14. Submitted my collection of children’s nursery rhymes, “Golden Stars and Silver Linings” to Wordsong Press.
  15. Learned how to have fun for fun’s sake.  Not everything has to be a learning opportunity for my two-year-old daughter.  Making memories and having fun is a big part of childhood.  I learned from an occupational therapist that a child’s job is to do just that:  have fun.
  16. Became a quarter-finalist in the Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize contest for my collection of medical poetry, “Complexities”.  (Final results are still pending.)  Whether or not I win, I will still have completed a large body of work in a relatively short amount of time.  I am determined that every piece of writing I’ve deemed good will eventually find a home.  Every rejection is an opportunity to make a piece better.

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