The New Era

For every e-mail,
a handwritten letter doesn’t get written.

Texts have replaced phone calls,
Facebook time takes the place of face time.

For every online church,
there is one less person inside
The Church of the Ages.

For every online class,
there is less interaction.

For every word looked up at the touch of a screen,
there is a word less remembered.

For every game played on the computer,
there is a board game that sits on the shelf.

For every online job application completed,
the chance of being noticed lessens.

For every new blog started up,
hundreds of dead blogs litter the information superhighway.

For every online purchase,
there is one less person to admire the sights,
the sounds,
the smells that accompany the season.

For every new technology,
something dies,
and something else is born;
something is lost,
something is gained.

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