Prince Harry’s Little Princess

“Just as we teach our children to serve others,
we teach our pets to do the same. 
All they ask for in return is love,
and from that, everything else comes.”


I am her eyes,
and she is my heart.
I am her servant,
even as she is mine.
When she was nine,
I promised to love and
protect her,
for as long as I lived.

When she turned twenty-one,
her sight was restored.
I was old then,
and as she brushed the russet fur
that grew so long on her head,
she looked into the mirror
at the wonder that was her,
for she had remained a child
in her mind.

When the house bells rang,
her hind legs flew down the stairs.
A young man told her
all the things I could never say,
but expressed to her in so many ways.

As my eyes started to close in nap,
I felt the warmth of a whisper
in the soft flap of my ear.
“I can still see I need you.
Rest well, Prince Harry.”
Have fun, Princess, I thought,
as the drowsy ways of an old dog
overcame me.

2 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s Little Princess

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