A Life of Days

Sunday, September 13, 1981,
I was born at Lucy Lee,
wrapped in a quilt of many colors,
blessed with the ancestral name of Sarah Lea.

Saturday, March 16, 2013,
I was married at Grace Lutheran,
my ring a simple band of rose gold,
as uncomplicated as I am not.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013,
my daughter was born at Sacred Heart—
a little copy weight of me,
as light as I am dark.

So many other dates I anticipate—
lovely memories yet to be made—
and faith tells me they will be wonderful.
I hold out my arms with my eyes closed,
like a child expecting a present
too large to hold for long,
knowing the best has yet to come
and will come again.

So many dates I anticipate,
save the last on the timeline of my life,
for there will be stories that could’ve been,
but will have to remain untold;
for these stories are mine,
and no one else can tell them in the way
I could have done.

One thought on “A Life of Days

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