Thoughts on Writing, on Books


  1. A $6 book will provide about a 3 more hours of enjoyment than a $3 cup of coffee, but they are a match made in Heaven.
  2. You can still learn from reading bad books, even how to write a bad book, who will publish it, who will read it.  It’s okay to write horse puckey, because it sells.  Horse puckey might help keep you eating so you can write that Great American Novel.
  3. The author of a memoir is the most unreliable narrator.
  4. DVDs are clutter, books are décor.
  5. Books don’t change.  Perspective does.
  6. Stories mean something.  Even Jesus spoke in parables.
  7. Great writers don’t need to steal.  They simply find inspiration in the work of others.
  8. A great plot will keep you reading to the end; great characters will keep you re-reading.
  9. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you usually can by its synopsis.
  10. The mark of a great writer is being able to engage all of the senses.
  11. Less is more (especially when it comes to smut and profanity).  Too much can dull the senses and be distracting.
  12. The advent of the selfie has made the whole “one picture is equal to a 1000 words” false.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Writing, on Books

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