Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #342, Theme: (Blank) Ways to (Blank)

This is what I call a “hybrid poem”.  This is my short list of what has worked (for me) to achieve more joy in my life, and even helped me become a better writer.

30 Ways to Be Happier

For richer or poorer, marry for love, and you will figure it out together.

Make your children laugh; find relaxation in play.

Close your eyes sometimes, to better engage the other senses.

Find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Limit computer time during the day.

Turn off the television if you aren’t watching it.

Drive with the sunroof open or the windows down on a beautiful day.

Open your windows and your curtains, and let the outside in.

Go barefoot once in awhile.

Appreciate each season, literally and metaphorically, for what it has to offer.

If you can’t find meaning in every trial, make it mean something.

Pay it back, and pay it forward.

Learn from the mistakes of others.

Live for experiences, not things.

Listen, and you might learn something.

Know that even the cashier is worthy of your attention.

Do what you love, if you can, or find love in what you do, knowing that no job is forever.

Don’t try so hard to like foods you don’t, but be willing to try them in a different way.

Keep your eyes on your own plate.

Find common ground with those who disagree with you.

Be an example of lifelong learning.

Seek to outpace yourself, not others.

Exercise for the emotional benefits.  The physical benefits will be a bonus.

Seek creativity.  Find an outlet.

Share information.  Mentor others.

Try to look at the same things in new ways.

Embrace minimalism.

Know that you have value, and that no one can take that away.

Find solace in spirituality.


Cheek to cheek



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