Poem-a-Day 2016 Writer’s Digest Challenge #2. Theme: What He Said and/or What She Said



He says red,
she says maroon.

He says, “I want sex”,
she says, “Let’s make love”.

She says, “I’m not in the mood”,
he says, “It won’t take long”.

He says, “I want fun stuff”,
she says, “I want nice things”.

He says he’s having a bad day,
she says she’s depressed.

She says, “He’s so sensitive”,
he says, “That guy is fem”.

He says, “He’s okay-looking, I guess”,
she says, “She is gorgeous”.

He says, “That’s a skirt!”,
she says, “It’s a kilt”.

She says, “It’s not good enough”,
he says, “It’s fine.”

He says, “I’ll do it later”,
she says, “When?”

He’s “Impractical Jokers”,
she’s “Big Love”.

He’s the hardware store,
she’s the craft store.

He’s sports and cars,
she’s politics and poetry,
and yet,
they still have fun together;
it’s like finding that
perfect spot on the beach…
You never want to leave it.



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