Cool Impressions

cool compresses on a fevered brow
ceiling fan spinning like a windmill during a thunderstorm
moonlight zephyrs neutralizing the humidity

mint ice cubes clinking in a glass pitcher of raspberry lemonade
swirls of melon soup—a mellow, virgin mimosa enjoyed with a spoon
dollop of sour cream on warm strawberries off the vine

placid pool water—an invitation into the sunshine
rushing saltwater on the beach in late spring
spray from an outdoor shower, after gardening all day

my face after a shave and a rub with salicylic acid
Icy Hot on a sore muscle after the first impression
effervescence of bubbles popping before my eyes

barefoot on the shaded, St. Augustine grass
bare feet slapping on clean, tile floors
white sand moist-dark and cool between my toes

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