#Micropoetry Monday

Awhile back ago, a friend of mine had found some success as a writer by linking in to Twitter.  Twitter can be a great resource for sparking creativity (I will publish a post later on the ten best accounts I’ve found for that), connecting with other writers, and learning about other contests and publications.  However, to get the most out of Twitter, you must use hashtags so people can find your tweets.

My favorite hashtag is #micropoetry, meaning a poem in 140 characters or less, including hashtags.  (However, I have found a way around this by replying to my own tweet with the applicable hashtags).  I tweet one micro a day, and these tweets generally receive the most likes or retweets.

So, every Monday, I will be posting 5 of my best short poems (as shorter blog posts tend to get more attention in our ever-distracted world).


Hope was the diamond merchant’s daughter—
rough, uncut, & in need of a fitting;
then came Pearl, & Hope became a diamond solitaire.

Sara let him go.
His new wife was her Hagar,
for when she died,
Sara was Mom, not Aunt.

Poverty, Obedience, & Chastity:
1 person, 3 personalities.
When Faith & Hope got pregnant,
Chastity had to change her name.

She was childless, & yet childfree.
Everything she was, she wasn’t because of someone,
but because of the lack of someone.

Three junkyard dogs, a liar, & a Socialist
all wanted the same thing.
It was beautiful.

*If you like these, you can follow me on Twitter:  Sarah Lea Stories @SarahLeaSales

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