#Fiction Fridays: #Micropoetry Based on the Book

Every day, I post 3 tweets:  a #novelines tweet (a line from my novel; any good piece of writing has quotable quotes), a #140story tweet, or a #micropoetry tweet, that is pulled from, or based on my novel, “Because of Mindy Wiley”.  https://sarahleastories.com/because-of-mindy-wiley/.  I post these under my fictional character account, https://twitter.com/KatrynNolan.  Every week, on “Fiction Friday”, I will be blogging 5-10 of my best tweets.

My goal is to gain a significant number of followers so that maybe an agent or publisher will take a chance on my book–all part of building my author’s platform.

I have to say that tweeting my book (rather than blogging it) has helped me scrutinize the work in a new way.  Words like really, very, that, and just are getting the strike, and if there is a place where one word can be used instead of two, I do.  (Contractions don’t count.)

My goal is that by the time I have tweeted through the entire 210K words (which I figured will be about 5 years), I will have trimmed at least 10,000 words from the final product.  If I haven’t found a traditional publisher in a reasonable amount of time (to be determined), I will be ready to self-publish it through createspace.com (an Amazon affiliate).  Once I have tweeted through the entire book, I will start all over again with new tweets.

I have to say, I have hit my blogging stride by having “feature days”, like #Micropoetry Mondays, #Fiction Fridays, and the midweek Writers Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt.  However, I will still have the occasional “special feature”, or oddball post, as I will never quite be a “hard-theme” blog that only posts on writing.


“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  (Exodus 20:3)

David was my temple,
and at his altar,
I worshipped—
for he was neither spirit nor stone,
but warm flesh,
and a heart deceitful above all things.

In His Name,
much evil had been done.
In the name of love,
such had been done with me.

Twas when I became a Saint,
I learned that the glory of God
is intelligence,
for He knew all there was to know.

1999 was the summer of love,
the spring of a new life,
the autumn of my girlhood,
and the winter of my childhood.

I was harvested from the sand
by God, to become a star,
only to fall from Heaven once more.

3 thoughts on “#Fiction Fridays: #Micropoetry Based on the Book

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