Making a Life

Make lists so you can focus on the big things,
while not forgetting the little things.
Make realistic goals, and a few that are
what smoky pipe dreams are made of—
for life can change in less than a second.
Make wishes—you are not limited to three.
Make plans as a guide,
but not as a rule book.

Make good decisions
by living the kind of life
that will lead you to do so.

Make love without regrets—
meaning with the right person.
Love the one you’re with.
Make babies and you will experience
the magic of childhood all over again.
Make spirituality a part of your life,
for it tends to make more with less—
it sees the glory in a million little things.
It is, like the metaphor, the shimmer.

Make friends, because even your One,
cannot fulfill your every need.
Make connections, for you will learn from others,
as they, hopefully, will learn from you.

Make peace with broken relationships;
sometimes they were meant to be broken,
and gave you what you needed
in the time they were at their peak.

Make conversation with the cashier
every once in awhile.
Make them feel like they matter.

Make movies of your child’s laugh,
but enjoy it outside the frame of the lens.
Make memories through stories
that engage all of the senses,
through photos that capture the essence,
and through being mindful,
of living in the moment.

Make something beautiful,
even if it’s something consumable.
That’s what cameras are for.

Make time for nature,
for it elevates the mood,
and gets us away from the eyestrain
of a screen.
Make yourself put down your phone,
because you will miss out on far more
by not doing so.
Make time for just being.

Make time for food—
let it be an experience,
not just a filler-up.

Make time for books,
for a book can take your outside yourself—
the closest thing to an out-of-body experience
most of us will ever know.

Make time for singing whatever moves you.
Make time for play—
seek out work that feels like play;
life is too short for bad food.

Make music and art,
just for the sake of doing so.
Make poetry a part of your psyche,
for poetry draws one deeper into oneself,
to better understand oneself.
Make up stories, but don’t sell them as truth.

Make lifelong learning a part of your existence.
Make exercise you enjoy part of your routine.
It’s something free to do.

Make things grow,
even if it’s only money.
Make your own destiny and realize
that even if you had help,
you still built that.
We have all had help;
some of us were simply
given the tools.

Make yourself get up at a reasonable time,
and your days will be long upon the earth.
Make hay during the day,
and enjoy the bales at night.
Make every day a holiday in spirit.
Make happiness not a goal,
but positivity a worldview
that no one can take from you.

Make the most of everything—
draw something of value from every experience,
and you will feel that not one minute of your life
was wasted.

Most of all, make it count.
You will receive many second chances,
but only one life.
Make it happen.

This is the day which the LORD hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.
(Psalms 118:24)

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