Micropoetry Monday: Faith & Spirituality

Father Time built the bones,
but Mother Nature
added a woman’s touch—
with fur, feathers,
or colorful scales:
The Father was the Author
of Functionality,
the Mother,
the Publisher of Beauty.

In Utah, her eyes were opened
to her lack of faith,
but when went back home
to the South,
she dusted off her old testimony.
It was just as she’d left it.

World lapses into
Aboriginal dreamtime—
when ancestors are resurrected,
their descendants awake
in a subconscious state.
Birth and rebirth;
Heaven and Earth.

When she got saved,
she grew in faith.
When she became Mormon,
she grew in works.
When she left Mormonism,
she became the best of both.

Her Father in Heaven had been an absent one.
Her father on Earth had been there for her;
yet it was the First who sent the last.

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