Another Addition to my Author Platform


After pushing back on the idea for months, I created an author Facebook page.  I had reached the point where I knew I could commit to adding to it twice weekly.  (One thing I will never do is send links to it en masse via direct message on Twitter.  99% of DMs are the equivalent of junk mail, especially if you don’t bother to read my description, which clearly states “No DMs, please”.  I rarely ever read any I receive, and delete most of them on sight.  It’s not that I don’t want to be supportive of other writers, but I don’t like being bombarded with impersonal messages.  That’s what your Twitter feed is for.)

Starting this page was quite a bit of trouble, because several profile photos wouldn’t do, as they tended to chop off the lower half of my head (I had to do some creative cropping).  I also had to make sure my cover photo wouldn’t be partially obscured by my profile pic.  Eventually, it all came together, using my limited online photoshopping skills and neat penmanship (may cursive never die!).

When I hit my blogging stride (posting thrice weekly on a regular basis, as regular, scheduled posting is indicative of a serious writer), committed to writing an original article for LinkedIn once a month (as I am just not as passionate about business/technical writing), and gained a few literary wins under my hat (among other endeavors), I felt I was ready to commit to yet another revolving project.

Please like my page (and engage).  Post your Facebook page URL in the comments section below, and I will return the favor.


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