Micropoetry Monday: Love Story

Sepia heart

She got to know his family,
his friends,
the woman he loved.
She read the books he read & wrote.
His memories became hers.

The father of her children forgave her
for not being everything she’d promised,
even as she forgave him
for not being everything she’d dreamed.

Love always finds a will,
but not a way.
Sometimes the ways are parallel,
but in the same universe.

She tried to have it all—
every man—
but found she was happiest
when she made a choice,
for she could not be all to all men,
but all to one.

He yearned for the woman
he’d fallen in love with,
& it was only when he saw
he wasn’t the man she’d fallen for,
that he was able to get her back.

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