Micropoetry Mondays: Faith & Spirituality

You Before Me
She was a believer,
he was not,
but they learned from one another—
he, how to have faith,
& she,
how to have faith in herself.

She followed Jesus, but not His followers.
She led a movement,
but her followers strayed & did things in her name she found abhorrent,
& she had to denounce those who had carried her to victory.

She’d prayed to have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel,
but her answer differed from those of her friends,
& she spent her life leaping with a net she could not see.

She ended up in The Big Sky Country,
he in the Low;
he got saved where it was hot,
she getting cold where she did not.

Though positivity was part of her Christianity,
she was yet aware of her shortcomings,
& believed herself to be better than them,
striving to overcome with the help of the One
who was better than she.

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