Fiction Friday: Micropoetry from the Book

David saw all this talk of morality
as a philosophical discussion,
Caitlin, a spiritual one,
Mother, a religious one,
& me—all of the above.

Whereas David had always discussed
the religions of others with a question mark,
the elders spoke of theirs with a period.

He loved her as a Catholic rent with guilt;
he loved her as a Mormon mended with mercy;
he’d loved in all her forms
till she stopped loving him.

I was David’s disciple,
preaching his Word of love without labels:
Mother was his wife in spirit,
even as I was the daughter of his heart.

The Church would tear us apart—
Mother from David,
me from Mother,
& Caitlin from every last one of us.

Logline for Because of Mindy Wiley An Irish-Catholic girl coming of age in the Deep South during the New Millennium finds her family splintered when two Mormon missionaries come to her door, their presence and promise unearthing long-buried family secrets, which lead to her excommunication and exile.

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