Micropoetry Monday: Love Sucks, Bites, & Blows

His pastor had told him
to always put his marriage first,
but in doing so to a selfish woman,
everyone else had come last;
marriage ended at death,
but his children were his forever.

He’d murdered his mistress,
for the proof would be in her pregnancy,
but twas all for naught,
for it had been a lie.
He’d killed for 2, not 1.

During The Happenstance’s maiden voyage,
she would meet the man
who would change her maidenhood status,
only to fill her enemy’s cradle.

The husband & wife became one flesh,
then came flesh of their flesh.
This flesh would try to separate the one,
tearing them in twain.

She was sorry for the man he’d become,
but because of the man he’d become,
she’d become the woman she’d become,
& so it was all because of him
that she was who she was.

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