Fiction Friday: Micropoetry from the Book

With David, I never hungered;
I ate, & was filled.
With David, I never thirsted;
I drank, & was refreshed.
The House of David
was a healing place.

Patrick’s death had broken Mother,
thus breaking me.
It had, in its own way,
made an orphan of Caitlin,
a dreamer of me.

Though I was favored by David,
I had done nothing to earn it.
I was enough, & so therefore,
I became nothing more.

I loved David more than God,
but to love one another was of God.
David was my sun,
& I revolved around him.

Elder Roberts was my knight in a shiny suit—
a captain of “God’s Army”—
rescuing me from what only he could see
was a house of corruption.

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