The Most Important Meal

dedicated to,
one of my most loyal readers.

The Before-and-After Special:
One chicken D-cup and scrambled eggs,
served with candied meat candy,
‘longside a Jumbone turkey leg.
French Fry-Fo-Fum Toast,
stuffed with Hannah Banana cream cheese,
and drizzled with marple surple.
A cup of java,
with mocha crème de la crème,
tops it all off,
this breakfast for one.

The Green Dregs and Yam Special:
Facon bacon and tofu scramble,
served with Ezekiel toast
spread with “I Do Believe It Ain’t Butter”.
Sweet potatoes with funny honey,
sham ham, and soymilk hoecakes,
with a side of almond milk “gritters”.
A shot of Orange Julian (with vodka),
or Orange Julia (with champagne),
washes it all down,
this breakfast for none.

There’s somethin’ for everyone Sunday Brunch,
at the Heart-Stop-Drop-and-Roll Café.

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