#Micropoetry Monday: Ekphrastic Poetry



She’d learned it all from Lucy: how a life of grand schemes
& wars of the sexes made it worth living,
how starting out in a small apartment could end up in a house in the country,
how lifelong best friends & a long-awaited child
could be part of anyone’s American Dream.

Caroline Carmichael had found purpose in a stolen life,
rather than the life she had chosen as Martha Sedgwick.
She was the water,
Hillary & Winston the powdered mix,
& blended, they made up the Instant Family.

Beth was but a faint percussion,
Amy, a colorful brush of fresh oil,
while Jo captured & condensed life as she knew it,
& Meg mothered the future.

Tomorrow was always another day—
a mythical time in which all would be well—
yet she pined for the one man
who represented the lost cause
in which she’d found happiness.

She was one in a dozen,
a ginger with a snap,
the heart of a lion,
the breadth of a lamb.


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