A Christmas Thought: Mine…Everyday

As William Wordsworth spoke of the “hour of splendor in the grass”, I am enjoying some peace and quiet in a house that naps–myself, the exception.  When it is quiet and I am alone, that is when I do my best work.  A Facebook friend of mine just recently quoted (from Urban Dictionary) “Introverted people gain their energy from their own, complexed inner world, and tend to feel exhausted when they have to interact A LOT with people. (extroverted people gain their energy from the people around them).”  Perfectly put.  Yes, I draw from personal experience (which includes my interactions with other people), but I don’t “bounce off of other people”; rather, I draw from a well somewhere deep inside myself, and that is what flows onto the paper (or screen) in a sometimes muddy stream of consciousness.

My family does most of their celebrating on Christmas Eve night; Christmas Day is spent recovering from it all (Stevia Coca-Cola with Crown Royal, anyone?), so I use that time to reflect on the coming year, and how I hope to continue to make each better than the last.  When it comes down to it, even though this Christmas was a “Hard Candy Christmas” (a la Dolly Parton), what with our financial struggles, I wouldn’t trade all I’ve learned and accomplished and enjoyed to go back.  It is in this way, every year does get better and better.  Sure, I want more, but I also want to be more, do more, and that’s what I hope for this next year:  simply more, of what matters.

As for today, my readers, I leave you this thought:  Sometimes, we can look at the same person in different ways, and though the ways be different, they can all still be true (or have some truth in them):


He humbled Himself to become a child,
to be cared for by the least of them.
He chose the low and lowly road,
to reach His highest potential.
His royal lineage was masked
by meager beginnings,
His crown of glory, an invisible halo.
He became the Everyman,
so He could understand the soul of Everyman.
He grew inside a woman who was chosen
and who,
in turn,
chose Him.
Those who believe,
see Him everywhere,
in the strangest places and
most unlikely situations
because He is everywhere
inside those who believe;
for they are looking not outside themselves,
but somewhere inside.
They see Him,
only to find themselves.
He isn’t ours,
but He is mine,
as He is for each one of us.
He is limitless.

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