An Unsuitable Cure for The Sickness That Is Your Life

It’s investing in yourself,
rather than next year’s Christmas.
It’s making daily goals,
rather than New Year’s resolutions.
It’s sticky note reminders
on your fridge,
your bathroom mirror.
It’s enjoying the moment,
not living for the next.
It’s eating less,
and drinking more (water).
It’s not trying to like foods
you never will.
It’s exercising for the endorphins

It’s making more out of less,
less out of the not-so-best.
It’s creating more,
consuming less.
It’s replacing T-O-Y-S
with T-I-M-E.
It’s making time,
not finding it.

It’s about living,
not just living to record.
It’s beating your own record,
not someone else’s.
It’s making a life,
while making a living.
It’s working for a purpose,
not just a paycheck.
It’s showing up,
and showing up ten minutes early.
It’s beating your own drum,
and marching to it in a way
that other people want to follow you.
It’s not redefining yourself,
but realizing yourself.
It’s losing yourself in the service of others,
only to find yourself.

It’s not worrying,
but being productive while not worrying,
till the time comes when you should worry,
or realized you never had to at all.
It’s rewriting our internal dialogue,
so that when someone asks
who the hell do you think you are,
you will know the answer.
It’s using sarcasm and wit properly.
It’s finding the truth in fiction,
the poetry in the everyday.
It’s spirituality with morality,
not religion with rules.
It’s believing in yourself,
but more in the One who
created you.
It’s not about believing in others,
but in the One who sent them.
It’s knowing that prayer always comforts
the one who prays,
if not the prayed for.
It’s not love without limits,
but limitless love.
It’s belief in life everlasting.

It’s loving those you are with;
it’s talking to those around you.
It’s putting the cashier,
the bagger,
the clerk,
before the call,
before the text.
You will miss out on less.
It’s being a friend,
but not without reciprocity
of contact.
It’s being careful
with confidences.
It’s knowing if your spouse
asked you again,
the answer would be the same.

It’s using stress as fuel,
not as a furnace,
and it’s never,
ending it,
but sometimes
it can be
letting it end.

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