Micropoetry Mondays: Apocalypse

The adults sacrificed themselves,
so their children would have a better life,
even as those same children, as adults,
sacrificed their future for their present happiness.

When all memories of faith in life everlasting disappeared from the earth,
there were those who lived without knowledge of sin,
& those who chased after immortality on Earth.

The State found a purpose for those of unsound mind:
the Lessers, though neither eaten nor hunted,
were denied their medication,
& were unwilling animals in The New Zoo.

He spent the graveyard shift,
watching the hairy underbelly of society scratching themselves–
evidence that the earth decayed during the Dreamtime.

When they had eradicated all genders,
races, & religions–
all in the name of equality–
they had accomplished what Hitler never could:
they had made everyone the same.

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