Fiction Friday: Micropoety from the Book

In the dewy dawn,
Green Haven sparkled.
The sun ascended to its throne
in the misty grey sky,
& our world awakened
to the darkness of ours.

Red roses made me think of
deoxygenated blood,
white, the pallor of death,
but yellow was the antithesis thereof—
the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mother’s roses were
Valentine red,
Caitlin’s were white
as angel robes,
& mine were yellow,
for hope, like the sun
Cathy Dollanganger seldom saw.

As my mother grew into Mormonhood,
blossoming like a rose in Temple Square,
she became more affectionate,
& thus, a stranger to me.

A woman’s heart could love but one man,
but a man could divide his love
among the lilies in the field,
& conquer the world.

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