Micropoetry Monday: Love Sucks, Bites, & Blows

The curtains on the windows of their souls parted.
The bride didn’t run away with the groom,
but with the man who almost married them.

Her wedding had been a bright dot
on the timeline of her life,
her divorce a dark one,
the line connecting them turning clear,
for the ending blurred the happy memories.

He had the taste of love,
the smell of success,
the Midas touch,
until he saw & heard his past
catch up to him
in the form of a love-child
& back-child support.

He married her,
she converted,
& only because of her newfound faith,
was she willing stay,
when she otherwise
would have left.

If she wanted to keep anything,
she would have to keep it away from him.

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