Fiction Friday: Micropoetry from the Book

David was like a real father,
Mother, an adopted parent,
& yet, I never tried to seek out
another mother,
Heavenly or otherwise,
for he was all.

Though Mother would marry David in the temple,
it would be for time only;
Patrick would get all eternity–
all because he had come first.

For years, I’d seen my mother as selflessly devoted to my father,
my father selfishly clinging to my mother from beyond the grave.

David had raised me from the time I was 5,
but Mother had been watching me since birth-
waiting for what would be,
a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whatever touched Mother’s life,
touched ours,
for so entwined were we,
it was impossible
to disentangle ourselves
from the binds
of Mormonism.

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