Fiction Friday: Novelines from the Book

Elder Johnson lived life 100%, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, like the little children Jesus spoke of.  The world was amazing to him.

The Mormon chapel was set back from the main road, tucked away in a subdivision where the doctors & lawyers of Green Haven lived.

There was no pastor, for everyone in the Church spoke, or gave talks rather than sermons; even the women, for it wasn’t a shame that they do so.

My eyes drifted around the austere room at the men in their suits & ties, the women in their modest dresses.  They looked positively godly.

David never understood how Christians could pretend to consume the flesh & blood of another human being, no matter how out-of-this-world He was.

Rather than guests visiting the Church, we were investigators visiting the ward–the evidence sought being a mysterious “burning in the bosom”.

Mormons began & ended each meeting with a prayer.  They prayed without ceasing, but always to Heavenly Father, never the Lord Jesus.

“The missionaries…well, it was as if they had found something wonderful, & wanted everyone to have what they had,” was Mother’s testimony.

Last hour, the men went to Priesthood, the women to Relief Society.  Being barred from the men’s class made her curious about what went on there.

The lesson was on food storage, & I wondered if this was where the urban legend had come from that Mormons hid food under their beds.

I knew the Mormons had once practiced polygamy, & even though they no longer practiced such on Earth, they did in their Heaven.

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