Poem-a-Day 2017 Writer’s Digest Challenge #5. Theme: Element (like from the Periodic Table)


The Sixth Element from the Sun

Francium Copper lived on Neptunium,
in the country Americum
in a state called Silicon, Californium.
Full of Mercury and Lead from the greenwashers,
she stayed in a sickly state,
until along came Einsteinium
from Germanium in the region of Europium
(of the planet Plutonium).
With a Tin foil hat competing with the Silver in his hair,
he pressure-washed Carbon into diamonds.
He prescribed Francium a dose of Lithium,
then took her up in a Helium rocket-balloon
to the star Krypton,
where they opened the Neon Nickel diner,
dishing up Iron-rich sweets
such as Potassium Pie,
Calcium Cake,
and Sodium Sodacola,
the last which won them the Nobelium Feast Prize.



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