Micropoetry Monday: Perfect Sense

She beaded in Braille.
Her body language needed no translator,
her facial expressions expressive,
her tone not deaf.

Negative space: the absence of color,
the breaks in paragraphs that ease the eyes,
the hue that brightens only to show more that is not.
It is white.

The children entered the magical garden,
with its sacred spaces
& secret places.
It was where they went to nurture,
in nature,
the senses that glowing screens could not

He tasted the nourishment of her melons,
she smelled the spice that was his essence,
he touched the deepest part of her lily,
she heard the words drawn from her depths,
& blindly, they found the sacred sensual.

She took inspiration from their expiration,
internalizing their words,
externalizing the actions those words provoked.

2 thoughts on “Micropoetry Monday: Perfect Sense

  1. Love this part especially:
    ‘It was where they went to nurture,
    in nature,
    the senses that glowing screens could not

    I think this is something we all need to bear in mind in this modern world! Great work

    • Thank you! I appreciate your comment so much. Whenever the weather is nice here in Florida, I force myself to close my laptop and make time for nature with my daughter. She’ll be bouncing off the walls inside, but calms down almost immediately when we go out. There’s just something restorative about being out in the natural world.

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