Fiction Friday: Novelines from the Book

David loved me in a way no silly girlfriend ever could. My David lived to bless me with his love, to be my kind, wise, & wonderful friend.

I began to think of my mother as an interloper; I could not explain why, for nothing he gave her, had he first taken from me.

Mother hated grocery shopping, so it was I who went with him. Mother hated cooking, so it was I who worked beside him.

Mother hated modeling for his paintings, but I didn’t mind. Mother may have been his lover, but it was I who was his friend.

Seeing how happy David was with Mother, I felt like a little girl again; they were in their own little world, I, the moon that shone on it.

I was losing him to Mother, & yet, I knew him marrying her would cement his place in our family. He would live in this house, share her bed.

The rare times I fell ill, it was David I called for, & it was during those times that he would read to me like Mother never had.

Elder Roberts chose David for my mother to marry in the temple, & my heart bubbled over with love for him, for he loved whom I loved.

I looked at Elder Roberts & saw his hope that I would join my mother in the waters of baptism. I knew then, it was only a matter of time.

Memories were treasures that sometimes bubbled up out of the ocean, covered with grime, eroded by time, so they were often unreliable.

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