Micropoetry Monday: Love Story

Sepia heart

She went to Utah, to seek her fortune in a husband,
but found misfortune that would keep her single
for the man who would someday understand her.

Two for One
Divorce lawyer by day,
matchmaker by night,
Gwyneth Kate found her mate
in a client,
her client in a mate.

Their Final Acts
She was a movie star,
he, a stage actor.
Her legacy survived through celluloid,
his, through the cells
that made up his son.

Sir Evan was a quiet man who grew beauty,
capturing it with his camera.
His soft-spoken ways spoke to Moira Ma’am,
a white lily who grew in his heart–
a lily he made dewy.

The Ballad of Janie McGuire
She’d loved a 0,
a 10 had loved her,
but because the 0 had come first,
she lost The One.

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