Micropoetry Monday: Faith & Spirituality

She found joy in creating
& in serving others,
but she found God when she
gave the service
that changed the world.

He preached to the masses
of their filthy rags of righteousness,
but it was when he preached the “happy texts”
that his people saw less the ugliness of man,
& more the beauty of the Divine.

She covered her hair to be humble,
her breasts, to be modest,
her sins, with good works,
only to rot from within.

He told them he would pray for them,
while she asked if there was anything
she could do.
The former put all the work on God
while the latter chose to be someone’s miracle
through Christ Jesus who strengthened her.

She broke every rule,
but kept every commandment;
She was modest in her dress,
immodest in her state of undress.

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