Micropoetry Monday: Love Sucks, Bites, & Blows

They each lived a double life,
sharing the secondary one.
They each had a spouse,
who knew not what their other half did,
for their lovemaking
was merely the tapping of keys.

She’d loved a 0;
a 10 had loved her.
Because the 0 had come first,
she lost The One.

She had been raised to put her marriage first,
& in so doing,
she had put herself second.
Her children could never imagine a Father’s love,
having never seen it in their own.

She married him for security & got love;
he married her for love,
but because he couldn’t give her security
in anything but his love,
she changed providers.

No one knows everything about the one they love,
but they can choose to love what they know,
& when what they do not know is revealed,
they have the right to make a second choice.

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