Fiction Friday: Novelines from the Book

We sat around playing “Clue,” not knowing that the person who would become the true murderer, was just outside the board.

“It would be nothing to believe in a God we could see, but to not see & believe—that’s what faith is,” Brad said.

Sisters Corbin & Kyle were like nuns, daring not show an ankle or hint of cleavage, which Sister Grahame had done, & Sister Hatcher had none.

The advent of the new sisters, who were more like Catholic postulates, brought with them a peace that hadn’t existed between the other 2.

Tony was like St. Paul, believing it was better to marry than to burn with passion—which would be fine if his passions were limited to one girl.

The Mormons left much to the imagination, but mine for Elder Roberts roamed wild.

The spirituality of the Mormon Church made me feel a stranger, but their sociability gave me a sense of belonging I had never known.

Then my gaze rested on Sister Wiley, who was oblivious to the 2 new souls joined in happy reunion & sweetest communion with God the Father.

When Sister Wiley’s eyes met mine, I was chilled, & I knew, underneath the golden girl, there was a tarnished silver lining.

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